Instant Oatmeal Secrets!

I’m sure you’ve made instant oatmeal hundreds of times in your life so you’re probably wondering why I’m even bothering to write a post about it!

The truth is, there are hidden secrets to the perfect bowl!! Not to brag, but I feel I’ve perfected the art of the instant oatmeal!

If you’ve ever eaten a bowl of dried up, chalky oats and thought that’s just the way instant oats are, first let me give you a hug and then let me help you!!


Give the video below a watch or read my tips for the PERFECT bowl of instant oats!

Are you ready? Grab an instant oatmeal packet and let’s get started!

Tip 1. Use a bowl that has space for the oats, a coffee mug works in emergencies but a bowl really does make a difference.

Tip 2. Use the red line on the oatmeal packet! Fill with water up to that line and no more and no less!

Tip 3. Microwave for one minute. Don’t let it cook too long!

Tip 4. Top with something crunchy (cashews, almonds, walnuts etc..), something sweet (chocolate, fruit, honey etc..) and something rich (peanut butter, coconut flakes, almond butter etc..). This trio always makes my oatmeal ROCK!

And there you have it, the secrets to a perfect bowl of instant oats! ENJOY!!

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PERFECT Sweet Potato Fries
Kat Marris

A crunchy sweet potato fry is like a unicorn, you know they exist, but you can’t seem to find one!!

Most of the time, I see sweet potato fries that are soggy, wimpy or mushy…ewww. It felt gross just typing that!

What we want is a fry that you bite into and it goes CRUNCH on the outside with a light fluffy inside. Perfect for dunking into a big ole bowl of ketchup or BBQ sauce!

I’m here today to tell you that crunchy sweet potato fries DO EXIST!!! They just take a bit of time and care! Use my tips below to make yourself a batch of the crispiest, crunchiest and tastiest fries you’ve ever eaten!

Here’s how to do it!!

Fresh and Balanced

Tip 1. Cut the fries as close to the same size as possible. Soak fries in a bowl of cold water for 30 minutes to one hour

Tip 2. Drain and dry the fries well. Toss with 2 tablespoons cornstarch per four sweet potatoes.

Tip 3. Use parchment paper on your sheet tray and don’t crowd the sheet pan. Leave lots of space or your fries will steam and not get crisp!

Tip 4. Flip the fries halfway through and switch the pans top to bottom in the oven.

And there you have it! Follow those tips with your next batch of sweet potato fries and glory in the crispy goodness!!

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream
Kat Marris

Everybody’s feeling hot hot hot!! I know you just sang that in your head :)…

The temps have been high and that means I’m pulling out all my icy cold recipes for smoothies, ice creams and popsicles. I need recipes that can be made FAST so I can chill out ASAP!

This icy cold and super creamy chocolate banana ice cream has been my favorite recently! Sweetened with mango and loaded with rich fudgy flavor, it’s a dairy free, gluten free, plant based recipe that will cool you down!

Top your icy scoop with coconut flakes, sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream or whatever you would like!

Watch the video below to see me and a very grumpy Thumper make it!!

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Makes 4 servings


2 peeled and sliced bananas, frozen

1/2 cup frozen mango chunks

1 cup coconut milk

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tablespoon cocoa powder


Blend until thick! Add more coconut milk as needed. Top with coconut flakes, sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream or whatever you would like!

Eat Blog Talk Podcast!!

I had the awesome honor to be a guest on the Eat Blog Talk podcast and share how meal prep can help you achieve your dreams and goals!

Whether you’re a food blogger, busy mom or someone who’s always on the go, this podcast is for you!

I talked all about how to fit prep into a busy schedule, where to start and what it can help you achieve!! Give it a listen and let me know what you think!!

Below I’ve listed all the ways you can access the podcast! :)


Google Play:



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