Chocolate Chip Cookie Energy Bite Jars

Hey guys! For anyone who saw this on my Instagram (@katmarris) or if you are just dropping by and wondering what this is all about, here are some more details about the energy bite jars! 

I have already been making these cute little jars as holiday gifts, thank you gifts, alternatives to sugary stocking stuffers and for tons of other “gift-y” occasions for clients, friends and family. Since I am already making a bunch of these jars at the moment, I thought why not see if any one else wanted in on the fun! 

These are 160z glass mason jars that I fill with all of the dry ingredients needed to make my chocolate chip cookie energy bites. If you are the recipient of one of these cute little jars, all you need to do is add in a little honey and peanut butter, roll into balls and in minutes you have a healthy snack. Perfect for workout recovery, snacks for the kids backpacks, long hikes or really any time you need a little pick me up. I also include the recipe for my trail mix energy bites on the back of the instructions tag so you can try out another flavor of energy bites!  And bonus you get a cute mason jar that you can use for lunches, jar salads or food storage after you have made the bites.

One energy bite jar costs $8.99 plus shipping and handling. Email me at to order!

Kathryn MarrisComment