Whole30 Favorite Recipes

I did Whole30 in October, and boy what an experience it was! It changed my eating habits and helped me figure out some food allergies I had been battling. It was a month filled with ups and downs but I emerged on the other side feeling amazing!! Check out my YouTube video here with my Whole30 review and here for my favorite Whole30 products!!!

I know many of you are doing Whole30 right now, so I wanted to pull together my favorite Whole30 recipes that I used over and over!!! Enjoy!

  • This gumbo was a lifesaver!!! It's perfect for cold nights and makes tons so you can use the leftovers for lunches! 
  • Mashed sweet potatoes were so soothing and a great filler! With this recipe, sub ghee for butter.
  • Coconut chicken curry is so full of flavor that you don't even miss the rice or dairy! 
  • When that sweet tooth hits and you want to stay Whole30 compliant, try this ah-mazing pumpkin spice cheesecake !
  • My pumpkin stew is the perfect Whole30 crock-pot meal, start it in the morning and come home to delicious goodness at night! 
  • When bacon and eggs get old, make this easy sausage breakfast casserole !
  • One of my all time favs, this portobello mushroom burger is a serious flavor blast!
  • Chili doesn't need to have beans to make it taste great! This veggie chili has been made many times since I created it! 
  • I'll be honest, I missed rice so much when I was on Whole30! But this carnitas burrito bowl helped me fall in love with cauliflower rice! 
  • Spicy and bursting with flavor, baba ghanoush is the ultimate veggie dip.
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