My 30 Day Gut Health Journey


Do you know how important your stomach is? It not only allows us to enjoy delicious foods, but the trillions of bacteria found in your stomach are the foundation of wellness in the body! A large presence of bad bacteria can lead to numerous health issues from anxiety, yeast overgrowth, constipation and more!

Over the summer, I had to take really strong antibiotics for a staph infection. While I’m grateful for doctors and modern medicine, the antibiotics absolutely destroyed my gut bacteria! 

After my two month treatment, I was struggling with:

  • Low energy

  • Digestive issues

  • Acne

  • Sugar cravings 

  • Bloated stomach  


While I was happy to be free of my infection, I was really bummed about all the issues I was struggling with.

The stomach bloating was the most discouraging, I had been working my butt off to be diligent about my fitness routine but no matter what I did or ate, I always looked like I had just eaten a monster burrito, double the beans, double the cheese.

My doctor suggested I start taking a probiotic and after much research, I chose to partner with and use Silver Fern Brand because of the quality of their products, and they are just the sweetest folks you’ll ever meet! 

So I decided to challenge myself to a 30 day journey to take control of my gut.

The journey had it’s ups and downs. Some days I felt like I wasn’t seeing any progress. And I did find that I had more breakouts in the first week, but I was feeling better overall and my energy was increasing! By week two my skin was clearing up and my stomach was starting to flatten!! By week three I was free of my digestive issues and it was so nice to eat a meal and not have my stomach hurt!

I’m so happy to report that my results were beyond what I had hoped to achieve! My energy levels are up, I no longer have stomach pains and digestive issues after meals, my acne has cleared up, my sugar cravings are reduced and my bloated stomach is quickly receding! I know I still have more to go in my journey, but it feels so good to be addressing these issues instead of suffering.

Before & After .JPG

I’ve had so many messages from you guys asking exactly what I took and ate during this journey that I wanted to document it for you! And please if you have ever struggled with any of the issues I have experienced or any of the issues that that indicate a gut bacteria imbalance, take control of your gut health and feel better!! Don’t suffer!

Here’s what I did to get my gut back on track and my tips for you! 

1. Take a probiotic and digestive enzyme! 

If you do nothing else for your gut health, this is the BIGGIE! One of the biggest reasons we experience digestive issues or any of the struggles I mentioned is due to a lack in beneficial bacteria and too much of the unhealthy kind. Feed the good bacteria in your gut!!  

I took my probiotic with my breakfast every morning.

Before you buy a probiotic, make sure you research it as not all are created equal! I used the Ultimate Probiotic by Silver Fern Brand. It’s a broad spectrum probiotic and has a 100% survivability rate which means the probiotics don't die from your stomach acid (aka make it basically pointless).

I also took the Digestive Enzyme which I found SUPER helpful! Bye bye heartburn and gas! 

They saved me when I ate hard to digest foods like salads, bowls of pasta at birthday parties and smoothies! Digestive enzymes work by breaking down the food you've just eaten and helps make it easier for your stomach to extract the nutrients. They take a ton of stress off your stomach.

I took my digestive enzyme before most meals.

2. Eat a clean diet! 

I didn’t do anything super extreme here, but I kept my diet balanced and full of fresh vegetables! I tried to eat less sugar and reduce dairy and gluten which I know bother me. I drank lots of water and green tea. 

3. Get your fiber!

Something I had struggled with was not getting enough fiber in my diet even though I was eating vegetables and whole grains. As a way to boost my fiber intake I also took the Tino™ Natural Prebiotic Fiber supplement. It’s water soluble, high fiber supplement that helped keep everything moving along if you know what I mean *wink wink*! 

I used the fiber supplement every day in my coffee or a smoothie. 

4. Switch your protein powder! 

I had been using a whey protein powder that made my stomach hurt so bad! I never really connected that the protein powder I had been using was causing me trouble until I switched to the Plant Based Organic Protein Powder with Gut Health Boost by Silver Fern Brand. 

Holy guacamole! I’m never going back to a whey based protein powder! This protein powder caused me ZERO discomfort and I had no gas from it. If you’ve ever used a protein powder and then had to go to gym with a stomach full of gas, you can relate! 

I used the protein powder in smoothies, breakfast bars and energy bites. I used the protein powder almost every day.

Hopefully you guys found this helpful and I’m always here if you have additional questions!! I also did a review on my YouTube channel if you’d like to check it out!!

ALSO if you want to try any of these products use code “freshandbalanced” at checkout for %10 off!

**This post and my journey was sponsored by Silver Fern Brand. I only recommend products I use and love!**

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