How To Start Meal Prepping

Meal Prep!

Can you believe it? It’s 2019!! I’m a goal setter and so I spent some time this week planning goals for my finances, time and health. Do you set goals for the year? If you do I have something that will help you achieve more in all these areas.

What is it? Meal Prepping.

When you meal prep, you can save money on your groceries (and skip the expensive fast food drive through), save time by preparing your breakfast, lunches and dinners and help yourself stay on track with your health and fitness goals by controlling what you eat!

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of meal prepping, but you want to receive the benefits of it, I’ve got you! Here are some tips!

meal prep

1. Begin SMALL. Begin with the meal you have the most difficulty making healthy choices, eating out, or not eating it at all!

Maybe breakfast is the tough meal. You might think, “I’m running late. . . aw, just skip it!”  But breakfast is such an important meal for you to eat! So, if you struggle with breakfast, then start with prepping your breakfasts.

Are you regularly tempted to sneak out at noon for some greasy fast food? But you really don’t want to because of the cost and it wrecks your fitness goals? Then begin with your lunch. 

Do you find dinner time in your home is chaotic at best? People come and go with different schedules and you can’t seem to feed them anything but what you grab on the way? Are you exhausted when you get back from working out and you know your body needs a good nutritious dinner? Then dinner is the meal you start with.

Once you have determined what meal to begin with, pick one recipe that will hold up well in the fridge. If you need inspiration, check out my recipes (this sheet pan chicken thigh dinner is a good one!) or follow my Instagram (@katmarris) for some meal prep inspo.

2. Then PLAN. Planning is important for successful meal prep.

I always make my grocery list the day before I shop. Then I am not hurried and forget something I need in a recipe. If you don’t have any containers (glass or plastic) that you can store your meals in, be sure to add that to your list!

3. Then IMPLEMENT! Pull together the ingredients you need for your recipe and begin working through the steps.

When the meal is completed, divide the food into portions in the containers, cool and place in your fridge!

If prepping for multiple people, you can even write their names on the container so they get the meal made just for them! Brian requires more protein and food in general than I do, so we put colorful tape on his container tops so he grabs the right one for lunch as he dashes out the door!

After a time or two you will feel more confident and ready to add a second meal, or maybe more! Once you get comfortable with meal prepping, you will find it becomes an important part of you meeting your goals and will miss it on the weeks you are out of town and just can’t prep!


If you want more information on how to start meal prepping your way to a successful year financially, time management wise and in your fitness goals, be sure to sign up for my Tasty Tuesday weekly email and I will send you my Meal Prep 101 guide that includes some easy, fast and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!

Do you feel like you are ready for more? Want to meal prep but the thought of coming up with recipes and grocery lists and counting calories every week is just overwhelming? I’ve got you covered!

With my Ready, Set Go! Meal Prep Program, you receive a weekly meal plan with menus, grocery lists, nutrition information, recipes and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare it all in either a one-hour power prep or a regular 2-3 hour session. In a short time, you can have all your meals prepared and ready to help you meet your important goals for the year!

I am here to help! Let me know if you have questions! And let me know how you are doing with your meal prep!!

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