Instant Oatmeal Secrets!


I’m sure you’ve made instant oatmeal hundreds of times in your life so you’re probably wondering why I’m even bothering to write a post about it!

The truth is, there are hidden secrets to the perfect bowl!! Not to brag, but I feel I’ve perfected the art of the instant oatmeal!

If you’ve ever eaten a bowl of dried up, chalky oats and thought that’s just the way instant oats are, first let me give you a hug and then let me help you!!


Give the video below a watch or read my tips for the PERFECT bowl of instant oats!

Are you ready? Grab an instant oatmeal packet and let’s get started!

Tip 1. Use a bowl that has space for the oats, a coffee mug works in emergencies but a bowl really does make a difference.

Tip 2. Use the red line on the oatmeal packet! Fill with water up to that line and no more and no less!

Tip 3. Microwave for one minute. Don’t let it cook too long!

Tip 4. Top with something crunchy (cashews, almonds, walnuts etc..), something sweet (chocolate, fruit, honey etc..) and something rich (peanut butter, coconut flakes, almond butter etc..). This trio always makes my oatmeal ROCK!

And there you have it, the secrets to a perfect bowl of instant oats! ENJOY!!

Kathryn MarrisComment