Welcome to Fresh & Balanced!! Thanks so much for dropping by!

I am a chef on a meal prep and healthy cooking mission!

I teach meal prep cooking lessons and corporate wellness presentations. I am also a food blogger and write about meal prep and healthy cooking topics as well as write recipes for my blog, Fresh and Balanced. My goal is to help you eat healthier and feel better one meal at a time!

My passion for meal prep and healthy cooking came from my own weight loss journey.

I graduated from college with a degree in communications and public relations and quite a bit of extra weight. I was an emotional eater and I found my new career had me eating to comfort myself. Once I began to have weight related health complications, I knew I had to make a change.

I started exercising and meal prepped my snacks to bring to work. As I saw my life and weight begin to change, I started to meal prep my lunches. As my success continued to grow, I started meal prepping dinners! Before I knew it, I had a new view of the power of healthy food and an unshakable passion to tell everyone I knew about it!

As I continued to work at my corporate job, I realized I couldn't shake my intense passion to focus my career on sharing the power of healthy eating. So I quit my job and launched into a new career by going back to school and attending the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Indianapolis and earned my title as chef!

My goal every day is to get at least one person meal prepping and cooking a healthy meal!!

I would love to help you start your meal prep journey and change your life! Please don’t hesitate to chat with me and together we’ll find your plan of action!