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Healthy, delicious, chef created weekly meal prep instructions for only $12 a month


What is Ready, Set, Go!?


First, it is a weekly menu of healthy food you will eat Monday through Friday.  The meal plan is written for two people per week but can easily be modified for your needs. Calorie information is included. No matter your health or fitness goals a fresh, balanced and nutritious weekly menu will keep you fueled for a busy week! 


Secondly, it is a step by step process of how to prepare all of your meals for the week! It's like having me in your kitchen walking you step by step through your prep! In about two hours you will have breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks prepared for the week.


Finally, the full recipes are included so you can scale your prep for just you, your significant other or an entire family!



If you want to maximize your time in the kitchen then the new one hour power prep is for you! 18 meals in one hour. You’ll work with one breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe and create 18 meals in a snap! Helpful cheats and tricks are included as well to help you work fast and efficiently. Ingredients are clearly marked in the grocery list for fast shopping!

Why would I want to meal prep?

It's simple, failing to prepare is preparing to fail! By investing in yourself through meal prepping, you save time, money and keep your nutrition on track!  How nice does it sound to not have to cook at all during the week? No dishes, no rushing? Simply reheat and eat! You save money because you don't end up eating out or buying food you don't need throughout the week.  Finally you keep your nutrition on track because the meals are healthy and delicious. It's really hard to grab fast food when you have a delicious meal waiting for you in the fridge.


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Hold up, I'm not into meal prepping. Can I still use this program? 

YES!!! You certainly can! I get it, meal prepping isn't for everyone. However, the grocery list, recipes and menu still apply to you! Just skip the prep instructions and make your meals fresh the day you eat them. 


If I sign up, how does it work?

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Every Friday you receive your weekly meal prep instruction packet via email. It includes meal prep instructions, recipes and a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday through Friday. Snacks are included as well!

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Over the weekend, grocery shop for the week and meal prep. Then, you can feel like a boss knowing you have healthy food waiting for you in your refrigerator for the week! 

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Grab your meal, warm it up and eat!  Easy and simple. Eat healthy, delicious, chef created meals all week saving you time, money and stress.  This program focuses on a balanced diet of lean proteins, vegetables, low carbs and fruit.   


So how much will this cost me?


That's it!!  Cancel anytime with no strings attached! What are you waiting for? Give it a try!


Just a couple of simple rules, that's all!

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