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Let's cook together!!  Looking to learn how to meal prep, improve your meal prep skills or have a fun cooking demo?  Check out my variety of services to help you in the kitchen!

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Meal Prep 101

If you have no idea what meal prep is, or are just getting started then this is your lesson! We start at the very beginning, from planning to grocery lists to prep day game plans! Basic knife skills, cooking methods and fast kitchen tricks are all covered. This a perfect lesson to learn the basics of meal prep and streamlining your kitchen flow. I have two versions of this lesson, hands on and demo! 

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Meal Prep Like A Pro Private Lesson

This lesson is for those who meal prep on a regular basis and are looking for a way to speed up and refine their prep days! If you meal prep on a consistent basis and are looking for ways to speed up your kitchen mojo with new tips and tricks then this is for you! I’ll work with you to understand your current process and help you refine or learn new tricks to get you in and out of the kitchen faster!



Healthy Happy Hour Demo  

Looking for a different girls night or a fun activity for your group? Learn healthy cooking tips and tricks in this fun and educational demo! In this fast paced and fun demo, I show you my favorite tips and tricks for healthy cooking. From spiralizing to picking the perfect produce, you’ll walk away with tons of fun tricks to impress your friends and family with! 


Custom Private Cooking Lesson

Have you ever had a healthy cooking skill that you wish you could learn from a chef? Whether it’s mastering how to cook a perfect piece of chicken or learning to become a salad pro, I customize our lesson to fit whatever healthy cooking skill you want to learn. If you have ever said “If I could just learn XYZ, then I would be a better cook” then this is for you! 


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